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E Commerce Guide

Essential Features of an Online E-commerce System


You can easily find some online e-commerce system when you go to the internet. With so many systems available, you should be able to know the ones you can use and the ones not to use. You should also know the ones that will be able to match the business you are running the best. In this article, you will find some features that the e-commerce systems should have so that you can find one for your business.


The first feature is the catalog management. This is a vital aspect of e-commerce solution as it manages all the products you have, under one roof. It will also need to include some import and export functions. This feature is crucial if you have numerous products to be uploaded to the website. This will save your time as it will do the mass uploading and download of products into your server. The catalog allows you to manage the prices of the items quickly. It will need to have a schedule so that you can schedule the costs of the products automatically. Know what are the best ecommerce platforms here!


The other feature is the marketing and promotion tools. These are features that need to be on your e-commerce website. For the website to be successful, you will need to have occasional online promotion and marketing campaigns. This will make the visitors keep coming back to the site. Ensure that the e-commerce system gives you the option of creating and managing the discount coupons, and also maintain the pricing rules for those who are members and the non-members. These are essential tools if you want to retain your customers, does shopify suck?


You will also need to have the shipping and delivery features. It is essential to have this feature on your e-commerce site depending on the items that you are selling. The shipping and delivery module is the most vital feature for the end clients. The system should allow the customers to choose the shipping option they want depending on the products they have bought. Ensure the system can also calculate the shipping charges for the client. Know more facts about ecommerce at


It will also be essential to have a payment module in your e-commerce system. Getting paid is the ultimate goal for running the online e-commerce site, after selling your products. The best thing about your site is that it can support the major payment gateways that the people today are using.